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Cotton is Mother Nature’s  most natural fibre. Cotton continues to be sought after becuase it is natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and renewable. It supports the natural protective properties of the skin. Concerns over sustainability combined with growth in many nonwoven markets has spurred interest in cotton for the way it performs in application and returns to nature at the end of the product’s life.

Natural Sense Wash Flannel – made from 100% cellulose wood pulp from sustainable sources and FSC approved. This airlaid dry wipe contains no chemicals or preservatives and is 100% natural. Many skincare wipes contain a long list of chemicals, preservatives and alcohol.  Natural Sense  skin care wipe ensure gentle but thorough cleansing and support the skin’s natural protective properties. Depending on the application, Natural Sense can be used once; or rinsed and re-used - lighter on the pocket and the environment! Just add water. The natural multi use biodegradable skin care wipe!

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We would like to showcase 100% Cotton Wool pads, balls, buds,  pleat and roll supplied by Lavino Kapur Cottons Pvt Ltd under private label or retailer brands. Lavino Kapur is a premium quality manufacturer of 100% cotton products for baby and skin care categories. India is the 2nd largest grower of raw cotton in the world and Lavino Kapur select the finest raw cotton and process the cotton using unique cleaning techniques not found elsewhere in the industry. Many other cotton suppliers have to buy in bleached cotton from 3rd parties before converting into finished products. With Lavino Kapur everything is done under one roof ensuring the quality and reliability of the finished products yet minimising the carbon footprint. Lavino Kapur also holds BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation for the non-food category which meansLavino Kapur is a world class manufacturer and supplier of cotton wool products.

Lavino Kapur are able to offer flexible supply chain solutions from factory gate, FOB Mumbai, CIF Felixstowe through to delivered to your warehouse network. Bigger customers can really benefit from the cost advantages of buying FOB Mumbai and using their own infrastructure to deliver to the warehouse network. Some customers prefer the flexibility of placing smaller orders more frequently, so we also offer Day 1 for Day 3 from our UK warehouse.

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